Don’t Be Lazy. There is Someone Out There Living the Life of Your Dreams

Don’t Be Lazy. There is Someone Out There Living the Life of Your Dreams

I’ll be the first to admit that my newsletter yesterday was garbage. I didn’t put anytime into it, and I broke my golden rule and used AI to generate content. It was inauthentic. Therefore, it performed like crap. See below.

No likes, no new subscriptions, and a garbage open rate. No shares – and I know that because the open rate is exactly 15% of this newsletter’s audience on Substack. I just wasn’t feeling it when it came time to crank out that content. So, I did the opposite of what I tell y’all to do every day. I wasn’t authentic. Which equivalates to me wasting my time.

If you follow me on social media @bentaylortalks or read any of my newsletters you’ll see a few common themes: authenticity, consistency, discipline, and execution (ACDE).

Those 4 things are the very reason someone is living the life of your dreams instead of you. Yes, there could be some imposter syndrome keeping you from getting started, but when it boils down to the tipping point, your ability to ACDE is holding you back.

Let’s look at an example. You’re a business leader but you don’t have a personal brand. You know the value of it, but you haven’t invested in making it happen. What are the consequences of not starting your personal brand and executing against it?

  1. A more expensive customer acquisition wheel.

  2. You’ll be leagues behind your up-and-coming competition.

  3. Your ability to be a strong visionary is looked at as weak by your target audience and your team.

  4. People want to buy from thought leaders and trusted personalities – in today’s day and age, your personal brand is how you create trust.

Your personal brand is your passport to client acquisition and your audience is your currency.

A few years from now individual creators are going to own your entire audience. It truly will not matter what type of business you have. To stay ahead, the customer acquisition model you have right now will need to change. You, your team members, and how you reach your target audience must evolve.

How do you do that? Where do you even begin?

You know the answer to that. You begin by taking action, and you build and scale by being authentic, consistent, disciplined, and execution.

It’s a very simple framework. I call it The Becoming Unstoppable Framework. If you take this framework and you ACDE against it – you truly will become unstoppable.

You can download The Becoming Unstoppable Framework Here

When you’re done being lazy and you are ready to become Unstoppable you can click Book Now below to schedule a Vision & Scale Consultation. In the meantime, get after it.



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