Your Personal Brand Guides Your Success - Part 2

In last week’s newsletter, I gave you three tips to build a strong and more consistent personal brand. You can find that here

This week, I am going to share a little backstory on why this is important.

Imagine you’re in a room full of people, telling them about your brand and what you do. 

This audience is hanging on your every word, completely engaged by what your business or product is promising, and they can’t wait to buy into what you’re selling.

Take a look around the room -- what does your audience look like?

Are they mostly male or female? What is their age range? What kinds of brands do they admire? What lifestyle do they associate with?

Understanding your audience and who you’re talking to is a significant part of your marketing approach.

Early on in my career, I thought being a hard worker was enough to create success for myself. I believed if I could make it the core of what people thought of me if would consistently rise to the top. 

In my first venture, I went above and beyond to exceed the objectives we had set for ourselves, but ultimately failed because I wasn’t mature or experienced enough to grasp how everything I said, and did impacted my business. Yes - every interaction you have with a team member, an investor, or a customer is ultimately evaluated.

I was so immersed in what I thought was important that I became laser-focused on meeting client expectations, and I failed as a leader. The values you uphold daily affect your personal brand, a small but relevant reason why someone works for you. 

Moving forward in my career, every time I changed roles or started another company, I naturally believed that I had to demonstrate my worth and abilities all over again. 

Looking back, I now realize how a simple mindset shift would have saved me from continuously starting from square one. 

When we hear the term "personal brand," our minds immediately go to social media influencers showcasing their skills in areas like fitness, fashion, or entertainment. These individuals are experts in their fields, keep up with current trends, and have earned the trust of their followers. But what if you could have that same level of influence in your workplace or your industry? What if your peers sought you out for guidance and inspiration? Imagine the impact this could have on your career.

Next week we are going to go through an exercise called Your One Thing. It is a step-by-step guide to building your personal brand. It will show you your true value. 

The best part, it’s completely free. Just follow this newsletter and it is all yours! 

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