Promo Suppliers: Your Go-To-Market System is Broken

Suppliers, our industry has failed us. ESP, Sage, Distributor Central, and etc... none of them can accurately or honestly show you a return on investment for your advertising dollar when it comes to any digital advertising. Personally, I think it's a bit of a scam. While it may not be intentional, they're selling you services and asking you to blindly trust your spend is getting a healthy ROI. We wouldn't do that anywhere else, but we do it here. Why? 

Yes, you may go to shows, spend money on ESP, SAGE, and others. But there isn't a way to attribute your advertising spend directly back to a sale. We do know that ESP and SAGE provide a return on our investment, but we have no clue how much. 

How is that acceptable? We have set out to solve this problem and we're about 99.9% there. I just need your help with the last little bit of data and to have a few conversations.

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